Ship Maintenance and Repair - Lamare Logistics services

We offer on-site maintenance and repair to keep your vessel at peak efficiency to maximize your ship’s operations.

Ship provision - Lamare Logistics

We provide Provision Supply Management to help you get the right supplies to your crew on board. The solutions we provide ensure optimal and balanced provisioning as well as full transparency on budget planning and control.

Lamare Logistics - Agency service

With a keen eye on details, our port agency service will act as your eyes and ears to ensure the safe and secure running of your ships, on all Lebanese ports.

Lamare Logistics - Vessel Operators

Our ship operator chain is responsible for managing performance and quality. Supervising and monitoring your ship insurance while always maintaining customer contact and handling claims.

Lamare Logistics - Services

A highly-specialized ship service that assists throughout your deals. We cover everything starting with the initial stages of the deal to finalizing the details of the contract all through to its conclusion.

Lamare Logistics - Customs Clearing Service

Through our connections with worldwide customs offices, you do not have to worry about your import and export customs formalities. We are here to ensure your clearance is fast and trouble-free.

lamare logistics warehouse

A warehouse space dedicated to consolidate all your merchandises under one roof. Our warehousing service is there to provide you with everything from professional logistics and packaging to safe inventory management.

Lamare Logistics - Cross Service

An exceptional transport service that will move your goods across the globe. Our strategic worldwide partnerships will ensure you an economical and viable overland transport.

Lamare logistics Cross

A reliable trucking delivery service that moves your goods locally with professionalism and punctuality. Lamare Logistics provides you with the best routes to complete your delivery requests.

Lamare logistics - Air freight services

An alternative transport that complements your shipments with a wide range of airline carriers. Our air freight service is customized to meet your unique business requirements with guaranteed value.